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  1. December 2021 RuneHq Clan Rank Ups GENERAL Chaz993 Chessji CAPTAIN Indeciisiive Diego V Monk Blanks101 Numerous One ArmadylSpawn LIEUTENANT Flams Chickychac DragonFan910 SERGEANT FireFireFire Beth_1234 CORPORAL Mini Popo JoyIsForever Leuchy Congratulations to the new ranks!!
  2. November 2021 RuneHq Clan Rank Ups GENERAL Scottorpio DarkRageV Etne Anthony7489 STANIMITE VGPro9 Tyekanik1 CAPTAIN Jready Slaya Dagger LIEUTENANT ArmadylSpawn SERGEANT Mrryanwhite 804Michael Beth_1234 CORPORAL Mini Gekke Woman173 Ezri77 Congratulations!!!!!
  3. October 2021 RuneHq Clan Rank Ups GENERAL Yonmanji Jeimuzu CAPTAIN Robbie07731 evil mickey Selen LIEUTENANT BoigaCyanea2 SERGEANT Talvalld Strajevskii Flams CORPORAL FireFireFire Ex-5 804 Michael Congratulations!!!!!
  4. A little late but Congratulations all the same!
  5. September 2021 RuneHq Clan Rank Ups GENERAL CaraZen CAPTAIN skriller6966 LIEUTENANT Zombie Hoofd evil mickey Pale Mule Selen Hawklette21 SERGEANT CORPORAL Strajevskii Talvalld Beth_1234 mrryanwhite Congratulations to all the new ranks!!
  6. August 2021 RuneHq Clan Rank Ups GENERAL b_lox CAPTAIN Max5100 True Camo Name Check LIEUTENANT Pluscutart Rin617518 SERGEANT Surf Rider1 CORPORAL Congratulations to the new ranks!!!!!
  7. Reaching out and wishing well to those who are affected by the devastating floods in Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands.  Please stay safe.

  8. July 2021 RuneHq Clan Rank Ups GENERAL maleAlpha CAPTAIN LIEUTENANT SIJT Coffeemug SERGEANT BoigaCyanea2 CORPORAL Flams Congratulations!!!!!!!
  9. Another round of Congratulations are in order: June 2021 RuneHq Clan Rank Ups GENERAL Jackson S emt9304 Rex Lumos Danger Steel CAPTAIN LCX_FIRE_XCL Equodox Egale Boy messitelebmx XStRyK3R119X Gnome Fart LIEUTENANT Beast1791 Indeciisiive Diego V Monk Widdher Sidoe SERGEANT Zombie Hoofd CORPORAL Surf Rider Krygore
  10. May 2021 RuneHq Clan Rank Ups GENERAL D Evils Pulse Codex CAPTAIN Maryac Flama Telle LIEUTENANT Slaya Dagger Equadox SERGEANT Bballer512 Danbridge Pluscutart CORPORAL BoigaCyanea2 Congratulations Everyone!!
  11. April 2021 RuneHq Clan Rank Ups GENERAL Pnballwiz45b CAPTAIN Shark legand ManeXxx Xmyblackrose LIEUTENANT HeavenlyHell SERGEANT Charmed Luv Widder Kane Jsw2011 Coffeemug CORPORAL Zombie Hoofd Congratulations!!
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