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  1. been a long time since i been there but 2spots come to mind 1 is in barb village in the center theres a latter or rope u go down then ur in, the other 1 is between barb village and edge village theres this house u have to go in but if its ur first time u have to go though the back door or though a hole
  2. i have tryed both normal and hardmode but mostly normal mode ill start off by telling some of his moves first he starts off by doing mage attacks then he will say something then shortly after he will stun u and then a time rift will spawn causeing blasts of magic from it going in the spot that u were stun at and on hard mode u can destory the time rift but on normal its not clickable then shortly after he will say something again then do a jumping attack that will stun u and hit u for melee damage but if u have t2 shadow ring worn u will not be stun and only take damage and he jumps 3 times damage from it can be block by prayering melee then after that is lighting storm attack which hits hard and is hard to doge completly i also get hit by it but if ur fast and use surge or the back up range move ur take less damage then he repeats this but once u get to pharse 2 a clone will appear and attack u the same way has pharse 1 along with the real1 and this repeats and makes it harder to doge his attacks and lighting storm attack comes in more drections has the more pharses u are in up 2 pharse 3 then pharse 4 he starts getting enrage and must be killed fast and pray mage then once his hp hits 0 he dies then u get loot and in hard mode there is a move i have not seen yet cause i have not yet made it that far in hard mode hope this helps
  3. congraz 120capes are my fav capes out of the bunch i always keep sake them so i can show them off well done mate
  4. this moring went to kill spider and ended up getting berry at kc251
  5. my hobby is too take good care of plants and those are some great wood carves
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