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  1. That was only my 5th 99 on my ironman, so another 22 skills left to max. The 5 i have maxed are Fishing, Thieving, Farming, Mining, & Smithing. And in that order too.
  2. I finally got 99 smithing on my ironman! woohoo! Now time to make some masterwork armor.
  3. Another 99 achieved on my Ironman! woot!
  4. I finally got 99 Farming on my Ironman! Woot!
  5. I finally got those essential oils and was able to finish my base camp! Woohoo!
  6. I finally got my 2nd 99 on my ironman!!!!!!!!! WOOT!!!!
  7. I did it again! Got brains on main account this time! And even better, I also unlocked title!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOHOO!!!!
  8. I finally got another skillpet!!! Although it was on my ironman account.
  9. Says 25th of march for me too, I think you guys need to fix the end date!
  10. Would it be okay if I signed up on my Ironman mode account, but claimed on my Main account? If so, then Id like to sign up on "Zingling1" but claim the prize on my main named "Zing 1", assuming i make the top 10.
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