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  1. Have a good day! May you complete all of your goals and get thee cape of completionist.

  2. Hope you guys are doing okay down there, I heard the news about the Tornados in Alabama. Stay safe.

  3. As soon as I get my own Gaming Rig and Membership... I'm There.
  4. Good Day Iceberg! May you please not sink another Titanic.

  5. Uggg... remember the times? When Partyhats were worthless because of the duplication glitch? now they are like 45bil? i should have gotten some when they were worhtless...but altas.... the force was not with me then and my sight was cloudy with naivety.

  6. Have a awesome day... may you find plenty and bountiful frequencies.

  7. Have a Great Day!

  8. Hey guys, I'm this is a new account for me since i just created a new account again on runescape. I have been playing off and on since 2003. Recently, i have been away for about 6-7years and im looking to get back into it again in a few short months. So i look forward to be playing with you sometime.


    1. iceberg0331


      Sounds great to me!  I am in the same boat


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