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  1. Congrats again Numerous! I actually enjoyed completing the task sets, apart from having to go dg'ing again for the wildy ones lol
  2. Congratulations!!!
  3. Wow!! Big grats Zand, I know how much you wanted this!
  4. Nice Amy! I couldn't think of anyone more deserving
  5. Congrats all on the promotions!
  6. Thanks all I didn't mention when I rejoined after a couple of weeks pondering if I'd quit the game or not, that this position was a big loss to me personally....but I wasn't gonna beg
  7. I'll be seeing you around nub, not letting a Telle loose into the world without keeping an eye on you
  8. Thanks!! Ha...ha...ha *holds head in hands*
  9. Congrats Sassy!!!, it's a long grind but welcome to the club
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