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  1. Woop!! I know how buzzing you must be feeling Zand, congrats!!!
  2. Happy Birthday Hax mate 🙂

  3. It could be worse Zak...I'm sure someone's got the rsn of matron malice PS, All of our accounts were deleted from the old Site
  4. moridin_1


    Don't worry Zand, had another 'senior' moment. Got 3 so-called achievements left but meh, can't be bothered with it anymore
  5. moridin_1


    I must of missed this, big grats Lou!!! Am I salty because I need the claws to get the title again?....Very, very Salty
  6. Congrats again my man!!
  7. Nice one mate, congrats!!
  8. Nice one Sirius, don't let Zand know you got it...Ooops! too late!
  9. Happy Birthday Sea Nugget!! 😄

    1. senug


      Thanks moridin 😄

  10. Happy Birthday Cara!!! 🙂

  11. I'll have a good look at a couple of vids and a good read of this first (unlike ed1 & 2 we went to and I hadn't a clue of the mechanics at the time lol) Cheers Telle
  12. Keep it coming, all information is good info for when I actually get 5 mins to do ed3
  13. Well done all, congrats on the new rank ups