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  1. Congrats Zand!!...and welcome to our illustrious club
  2. Thank you Hope! When I'm about ready for max xp I'll make sure you're on lol
  3. In a bit Toeby, I'm sure it wont be long...
  4. Congrats, but not so for bad kitteh!
  5. Relearning my keybinds/abils for high end bosses by starting with medium end bosses Thanks all, the nightmares over sooooo no, I won't be going for all 200m just yet
  6. I tried to wait @Hope, but I couldn't wait any longer, so here we finally have it...
  7. Thanks all! Another one coming hopefully soon..
  8. Some skills are just sooo slow compared to others that it's a bit of a farce in my opinion,. they all need balancing out.
  9. I was on to witness it, don't worry! lol Congrats again!!
  10. I always thought the famous one was Woox Zand, maybe you spotted the infamous one
  11. I didn't Zand I was too much in shock of actually seeing Rednar lol Guilded Altar or the seren stone are pretty much the only ways I know how at high level Hope. It also helps too do the neimi forest each day and obviously the god statues each month. Hope that helps Hope! Thanks all
  12. I got my penultimate 120 today! Only Divination left to go (Until the new skill comes out).
  13. Congrats all on all the new ranks!
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