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  1. Lets hope it goes down quite a bit before having to repair trimmed!
  2. Congrats Toeby! Sure are getting through those quests
  3. Nice to see it being done Hitori, I look forward to your progress. I barked out a laugh so loud at this I scared my next door neighbour!!
  4. Been a pretty busy week all told, here are some of them, with the rest being xp gainzz
  5. Belated grats Alfa on the 200m!!
  6. Congrats Lou!! Nice title!!
  7. Congrats Toeby!! Shouldn't take too much longer to get those last 3 lvls.
  8. moridin_1


    Great job Lou!! (both on the title and trolling Telle )
  9. Thanks Maf, I hope you and your family have a happy Christmas and a prosperous new year. That goes to all clan staff and clannies past and present!
  10. Truly well deserved Kata, we know we are in good hands with you keeping Alfa in check