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  1. Virtus robe bottoms and virtus book.
  2. I think the most probable thing is that my last 2 pieces to complete the log will take another 3k kc, So why not? lool
  3. Thinking about destroying it and getting it again Zand hehehe
  4. Thanks!! very unexpected (as always)
  5. Sooo...I was minding my own business afking on mobile with chat window closed, when I switched back to my pc I found this little fella in my Inv...
  6. Well, here's my 15th lvl.120. I haven't a clue what to do next so think its back to pvm for a while lol
  7. Damn Ksb, I admire your commitment but still..... loll Congrats mate
  8. Massive congrats!! I'm sure the rest will come thick and fast
  9. moridin_1


    You know when you fight a boss and get absolutely wasted and end up in Death's office? That will be you when I find you Telle....
  10. @Alfawarlord Why is it that I'm still a grunt in game? Is it punishment for leaving for a couple of weeks?
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