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  1. Augmenting a crystal fishing rod/axe etc, then level to either lvl.10 to disassemble or lvl.12 and syphon. Can also do it with weapons and armour, same principle
  2. Congratulations!!!
  3. Wow!! Big grats Zand, I know how much you wanted this!
  4. Nice Amy! I couldn't think of anyone more deserving
  5. Congrats all on the promotions!
  6. Thanks all I didn't mention when I rejoined after a couple of weeks pondering if I'd quit the game or not, that this position was a big loss to me personally....but I wasn't gonna beg
  7. I'll be seeing you around nub, not letting a Telle loose into the world without keeping an eye on you
  8. Thanks!! Ha...ha...ha *holds head in hands*
  9. Congrats Sassy!!!, it's a long grind but welcome to the club
  10. I was ready and didn't screenshot until after picking it up this time
  11. Yeah, Its like all my rng has built up over the year to all come at once
  12. Virtus robe bottoms and virtus book.
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