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  1. Thanks all took it's time with that book lol
  2. Well, after thinking I was never going to get the book, here we finally go....
  3. Nice one Quick, was wondering why Alfa wasn't on much atm...
  4. Finally got this after a few weeks of not having time to play as much as I would like....
  5. Niice! Congrats Sola
  6. Big grats Zand, lets hope you get the other as quickly!
  7. Congrats! Don't think you have to necessarily tell Alfa about this
  8. Sweet!! Doing great! keep up the brilliant work
  9. A relieved one Zand, labour went on for far too long lol
  10. Took a while, but got there in the end
  11. Going great my mate Keep up the great work!!!
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