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  1. Congrats on all the rank ups!!
  2. Well, I'm guessing their update to the desktop client isn't that great since my client just cuts off every 5 seconds now. Well done jamflex, you've really out done yourselves this time. Implement game changes and knacker up the whole game for some people.
  3. I say if you're going to do something, get it juuust right . Really it was, do I really want it? might aswell since I got this far with it lol
  4. Woop!!! Finally Zand lol Grats mate
  5. I was scared he was going to refuse me by saying "You waited two years to do one music track??, on your way son".
  6. Actually, I knew where to go, I have been to enough Comp cape ceremonies in the clan...I was wondering if you was coming I never saw anything about the hype in clan chat..I was just looking at the cape thinking "oh boy, that's mine that is..."
  7. Thanks guys!! Don't worry Zand, it was a very low key affair..only Telle and I went to Varrock for my cape
  8. After much pondering on getting music track from BA (about two years worth of pondering), I finally did this with Telle's help:
  9. It seems to me that you spend more time on here writing your story than actually playing the game Hax! Funny as hell mate, keep up the good work and massive grats on the master quest cape!!
  10. Congrats Chath!! I actually knew about this as I saw the announcement on someone's instagram post Forgot who's it was otherwise I would of screenshot it
  11. Nice Ksb, you have been busy
  12. Not until I have a nice rest, maybe 2025?
  13. moridin_1

    120 arch

    Big grats again Telle!
  14. Nice one 3ter (looks up what a tribal fin is) ooooh, terrasaur maul..go get it mate!!
  15. Congrats all on your rank ups!!!
  16. Now THAT'S what I like to hear!!!!
  17. Congrats!! Missed this post sowwie!!
  18. Congrats Chath!! That took a hella lot of xp!!!
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