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  1. A relieved one Zand, labour went on for far too long lol
  2. Took a while, but got there in the end
  3. Going great my mate Keep up the great work!!!
  4. Wow!! Big grats Amy A skiller who beats a killer to a boss collection?? Something not right there..... A thousand less kills than me and I'm still missing a pet
  5. Congrats Mate! Gotta go for that 200m now!!
  6. Congrats to all the new rank ups!
  7. Still need most of KBD, for some reason I feel its beneath me hahaha For some reason, I never had that problem Chath lol
  8. I'm always late, welcome
  9. Finally got one of these elusive buggers... One more Twin pet to finish that log
  10. Here you go Zand, here's one for you.....Hint: the top one ) lol
  11. Congrats Zand!!...and welcome to our illustrious club
  12. Thank you Hope! When I'm about ready for max xp I'll make sure you're on lol
  13. In a bit Toeby, I'm sure it wont be long...
  14. Congrats, but not so for bad kitteh!
  15. Relearning my keybinds/abils for high end bosses by starting with medium end bosses Thanks all, the nightmares over sooooo no, I won't be going for all 200m just yet
  16. I tried to wait @Hope, but I couldn't wait any longer, so here we finally have it...
  17. Thanks all! Another one coming hopefully soon..
  18. Some skills are just sooo slow compared to others that it's a bit of a farce in my opinion,. they all need balancing out.
  19. I was on to witness it, don't worry! lol Congrats again!!
  20. I always thought the famous one was Woox Zand, maybe you spotted the infamous one
  21. I didn't Zand I was too much in shock of actually seeing Rednar lol Guilded Altar or the seren stone are pretty much the only ways I know how at high level Hope. It also helps too do the neimi forest each day and obviously the god statues each month. Hope that helps Hope! Thanks all
  22. I got my penultimate 120 today! Only Divination left to go (Until the new skill comes out).
  23. Congrats all on all the new ranks!
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