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Having trouble making money on Runescape (members)


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I'm having trouble finding ways to make money on RS3 in members. I currently have 272 quest points and just finished the quest 'a void dance'. Im currently at the moment smithing cannonballs for money. That's approx 1.1m an hour. I was doing red salamanders for a while but the price is going down and they're not selling on the grand exchange and my grimy herbs to clean arent buying either.

I'm trying to save up for full armadyl ranged armor and more barrows equipment.

I also tried snakes on Mos Le'Harmless after I finished cabin fever but the jungle horrors are annoying.

I cant hunt grenwalls until I finish the medium Tiranaryyn tasks because the grenwalls require bait which requires bait (even more annoying) (which requires me to do more quests).

Here are some of my stats and the quests that I have completed:

- Monkey madness

- almost finished with recipe for disaster

- desert treasure

- next on my quest list is Family Crest and then Legend's quest and then Mourning's end Part 1.

Stats include:

82 Hunter

99 runecrafting (but not 57 summoning)

- 56 summoning

- 51 farming

53 slayer

90 divination

56 in all combat stats except for attack (which is 55)


Anyway, does anyone have any ideas for how I can make money on runescape 3 with these stats/quests? Plus I tried gathering mort myre fungus but that also didnt work out.

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When you find out, let me know lol. (Asking for a broke friend) 😉

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There are a number of ways to make money, many aren't fun and don't get you much XP but they work. 

Some options:

Slayer: generally doing slayer tasks is profitable especially as you get to higher levels.

Making headless arrows: Buy arrow shafts from get and feathers from get or fishing store ( you should probably check prices and find cheapest way) make headless arrows and sell on ge. I think you can do around 35k per hour. Depending on prices you could make 500k per hourish.

Tanning dragon hides: 

Dragonhides buy for less on ge than dragon leather does. It cost 20gp each to make a dragonhide into a leather. If you find a portable crafter using portables fc and use the portable to tan the hides if you are good at it using presets you can tan upwards of 60k hides per hour. Depending on hide color and prices you can make anywhere from 6-18m per hour. For instance red dragonhide is 3579gp and leather is 4077 and black dragonhide is 4176 and leather is 4470. One note is since it is so close to dxp some prices may be off so it will be best to buy a few and test prices before buying a lot of them.


Buying yak hides from the shop: this requires the fremennik isles quest but shop has 1000 hides that cost 50gp each. And usually sell on ge for 400gp or more each. Can be done once daily. 


Runes: buy essence and make runes. Check prices and the chart on runecrafting guide on how many of each type of rune you can make based on your level. But usually air, fire, nature (requires a guest I think), and blood runes are usually profit. (Gives rc xp also)


Broad arrowheads

Slayer masters sell broad arrowheads which then sell higher on ge. You can buy 3k from a slayer master each day, also 3k from taverly slayer master, and 3k from the bandit camp in the wilderness ( you need to be skulled for this and can be pked so may not be worth it).

Growing herbs: growing herbs from seeds and selling the herbs is almost always profitable. Make a route that you hit all herb patches and do a herb run 1-2 times a day. Also gets farming xp.


Clean grimy herbs: almost all herbs sell for higher on ge cleaned. Some by alot. So buy grimy clean and resell clean. Again be careful now since after dxp but doing some price checks with a few herbs you can figure out prices and how much profit per herb. If done with presets assume around 5k herbs an hour is reasonable if paying attention. Profit varies per herb

Make magic pyre logs: buy magic logs and sacred oil (4) ( maybe sacred oild (3) may be cheaper but takes more time) put oil on logs and sell. Usually 2k logs per hour but can only buy 1k oils per 4 hours so probably have to buy overnight then make. But 2-3mish  per hour.

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