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RHQ Live with TheRealRuneHQ

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RuneHQ (once again) has a Twitch channel! (ooooooh, ahhhhhhhhh)


Check it out here! Our first stream is April 1st at 8pm EST (Chath couldn't resist the date). We will be streaming about RHQ updates, upcoming events, and such with @ChathMurrpau and @Scarlywars crashing in on @SiriusXM's player-owned house.

After the first one is complete, we will be streaming every Tuesday at 8pm EST (see our calendar or Twitch for time conversions) and perhaps some other times in between. Keep your eyes open for more details as we get closer to release the date 😉

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I'm glad, I'm just learning to play with YT. I really like watching streams, although I don't always know what's going on at the moment :(
Maybe add some rewards (like items or a little gold) as random rewards on the Stream. It will surely attract a lot of viewers
Good luck :)

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Sounds cool.  I want to get more involved with this website and community.  I will definitely check it out if I can.

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As soon as I get my own Gaming Rig and Membership... I'm There.

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