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  1. Happy Birthday old fart! ❤️

  2. I think this update is FANTASTIC. At higher level ores you can make some serious bank at the moment so Mining is a hit. Smithing is actually worth while for XP gains and it uses tons of materials so it stabilizes the higher leveled ore prices.
  3. Aye welcome aboard the RuneHQ train!
  4. Massive congrats! That's like what...your 3rd dye LOL?
  5. WOO congrats dude! Such a great 99 to have!
  6. Congrats man! That's a hell of an accomplishment!
  7. I'll have you know that was Peach-Infused black tea tyvm! My poor tea Oh right thank god the servers are ok
  8. All good We da best! ~ DJ Khaled
  9. I really recommend joining the "Gather OSRS", they are really friendly and help out the OSRS community. I am a part of their Discord and Clan and I can really recommend them.