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A double Whammy , three times.


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Got lucky with a great gem set and then snagged a purple gem.

908553254_crystalcapsules.png.9f74ded1ab664d27bf56ef2785e32c94.png purple.png.b3fe690f10f5df3ec2705a9f4fc2db60.png

then to balance that out , two months of very ordinary Oyster Rewards. Not really feeling let down since it's all free stuff.

75805580_jan19oyster1of2.png.f657badf98fea07e795887599d3a3d5e.png 1662967861_jan2019oyster2of2.png.1dc640b49d44c812b2ea149102ab297f.png

48181442_feboyster1of2.png.23523a9a0b2d494703c6f946cbf1d2a9.png 1427921875_feboyster2of2.png.49a33a1588f5c8372e3e94995f748364.png

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