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(need help) Xbox one no audio


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I was just trying to play a game on my relatively new xbox one s console. The game worked but the audio didn't. The microphone on the welcome screen has a slash through it. How do I resolve this problem? Also, I'm still having trouble connecting my Xbox360 controllers to the console. My old controllers died. I've tried the MicroUSB and wireless.

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Hmm, a slash is an indication of a muted device.

  1. You said "relatively new" was it refurbished professionally or bought from someone? There may be an issue with it and be the reason they sold it.
  2. Could just be muted in the settings
  3. Could be bad microphone, controller or device

Try a different account see if problem persists (preferably one you know has audio). That will eliminate account settings. If it's the same for both.. It's your console/ controller/ or mic. Just keep swapping them out till it works.

I answered your other topic as well. Good luck


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