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Fort Forinthry: Pumpkin Trees Token

Lucie Lastic


I just purchased a Fort Forinthry Pumpkin Tree Token for 1000 Hoddments..... problem is, i cant find it anywhere! 

Any suggestions?


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The H'oodment store does not sell the tokens. It sells the direct unlock only.

This is why the items in the store are not refer to as the tokens and can only be bought once (or become unavailable for purchase if you obtain the cosmetic from a token/scroll)

When smashing pumpkins and playing TH you can find these items which can be used to unlock things or sold.

  1. Soul Dive cosmetic ability scroll
  2. Soul Surge cosmetic ability scroll
  3. Pumpkin Trees Toke
  4. Icthlarin chapel token

What the H'oodment store sells however are the following which are not items, they are direct unlocks.

  1. Ability Override: Soul Surge
  2. Ability Overridge Soul Dive
  3. Fort Forinthry: Pumpkin Trees
  4. Fort Forinthry: Icthlarin Chapel
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It may have auto-redeemed the token for you. Check with Zoe in the Fort, they are resting on a tree close to the entrance of the Town Hall. See if the Pumpkin option is unlocked, If not, I have no idea where it could've went or what happened to it.

Hope this helps.

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