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Share your Runescape history/stories!

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After seeing some players returning to Runescape from back in the day, and I figured this would be a good time to share your history, stories, or your favorite memories! 


Mine would have to be to when I started back in 2003, around that time I use to get on and play with my cousins, and we'd play for hours and hours, not worrying about xp grinding or anything, probably the most enjoyable time in Runescape for me. 

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I started playing Runescape in the summer of 2002 as a youngster, I remember spending every waking hour playing this game and having an absolute blast doing it. Playing with my friends from school because back then it's what everyone was playing. I remember loving Runescape so much that I used to "fake sick" so I didn't have to go to school allowing me to stay home and play more Runescape.

It is now 2018 and I have re ignited my love for the game that stole many hours of my childhood, and man does it ever feel good to be back!

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Well, I know this hasn't been posted in since 2018 but I figured I would document my really long RS/RHQ History for old times sake..

Lets travel back, wayy back to like.. happier times.. 2002 or 2003 for instance. I started out on RuneScape as Maria Reis, back when I was in 7th or 8th grade of my educational career. I played RuneScape like it was my job, every day, every night, staying up for 24+ hour stints on the weekends and in the summers. Rarely did I leave the house because of this, and if I did it was to my best friends house, in which.. we played RuneScape there instead.

My favorite memories of RuneScape are my memories I had here on RuneHQ actually. Long before the foresaken Grand Exchange came along, when you actually had to trade with members to get things to support your grind if you didn't want to do it your self, I joined a shop group named KSA. Soon I became one of KSA's shop managers, managing the Woodcutting/Fletching shop. I would spend my RuneScape time choppin' and fletching based on what orders would come in. I met some fabulous people during this time.

At one point, I even joined the staff of RuneHQ, and I was a forum moderator (back then my RHQ name was KaseyKahne9rox or something like that) for the marketplace. It was a magical time, I have very vivid memories of my time editing the PIM on the website it self, and quite enjoying life on RuneScape.

There has been times in my RuneScape career where I have had to step back from playing due to life, or just simply being burnt out. However, I do have my dreams of being maxed, 200M woodcutting, and eventually 200M in everything, however I enjoy not doing it in any sort of speed, I don't want to leave the game too early, and I kinda wanna be that weird 70 something year old who still plays.

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The most memorable moment for me in my Runescape history would have to be when I found my mother online. At the time, I was living with my dad and hadn't seen her in a long time. I came across her training ranged on the Moss Giants in the Varrock Sewers when we started talking, became friends, and then eventually found out who we were to each other. I was pretty monumental.

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I started playing runescape back in 2003 and my first ever character: RedDragon69 was forever stuck at Tutorial Island. I thought I was the greatest and didn't bother reading the box text at the Wizards House. I couldn't kill the Chicken with my runes. lmfao.


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