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  2. I decided to get out the planks and produce a masterpiece! This is my 15th 99 I also got another large goal of 2600 total level!
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  5. Work be popping atm but I finally got some progress done... Got 110 mining but was afk and didn't get image.. I also started the Mahjarrot Memories... but... yeah... long quest.
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  7. Solid clan to be around. I'm a newer player to Iron, and there are a ton of veteran's that help me along the way. Glad I joined the clan or I'd be lost as an Iron in RS. Always willing to help out, whether it's answering a question or just meeting ingame to show me something new! Great Discord as well to talk in with people always in voice chat.
  8. Being apart of this clan in the last month has been wonderful! My sleep schedule has been a little whacky as of late, and no matter what time of the day I log in.. there’s always a full chat full of Iron Choobs to chat with and keep company! Not to mention the active discord with members who stream both chillaxing and exciting content, and the music bot is always playing some jams! Iron men, look no further! The Iron Choobs is where you want to be!
  9. - Attempted to make the longest follow train possible... lol. No idea what the record is, would be curious if anyone knew Ironchoobs osrs runescape ironman clan (01.12.2022). - RuneHQ Forum Clan Thread
  10. - Ironchoobs osrs runescape ironman clan. https://discord.gg/choobs - Ironchoobs osrs runescape ironman clan. https://discord.gg/choobs
  11. Photo we took yesterday at a small impromptu clan gathering! - Ironchoobs osrs runescape ironman clan. https://discord.gg/choobs
  12. Our GE Checkers Tournament #3 will take place this Saturday, the 15th of January at 10PM EST Bond prizes and shenanigan's will be aplenty.
  13. Oooooo you’re half way there!!!! Oooo living on a runescape prayer!!!
  14. After many years of training, I have become a master of the kitchen! This is my 14th 99, halfway there! (screenshot of chat didn't save, soooooo i'm sad)
  15. Currently questing on OSRS, It’d be nice to attain the quest cape one day. 

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