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    As I decend further into madness, I also find new ways to entertain myself. With some good encouragement from a few friends and strangers, as well as a promise of at least 1 drop (brews and restores) from Nex, I set out to do the impossible. I was going to kill Nex, all by myself! Approximately zero death later, I got a few kills, and a whole 2 B/R drops, pluss some random pants that used to belong to some socalled legendary zarosian Green Arrow. Patric, I think his name was... I do so dearly wish i could post a bragging picture of my fully completed Nex log, but I seem to be missing a great number of the drops there. Going forward I hope to take my relationship with Nex further, and maybe we could even adopt a little mini-nihil. But that is something for the future I guess. But fear not my lovely friends and others, I would never leave a post of mine lacking of a picture from my interesting experience in the scary world of Runescape. So I spent at least 10 minutes on paint again, and made you a lovely little story. It's not as good as I wish, but I honestly don't want to paint anymore today. Love you all at least 1! Maybe it will be 3000 some day
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