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  1. Tell me Alfa, what was your secret! I need that!
  2. Koviana after some break has decided to return back to staff and help us on the Moderator team!
  3. Still looking for a new member to join my Moderator team! Interested? Fill out an application!

  4. That was one of my favorite quests! Lots of lore in that quest line!
  5. Congratz!!! What might your next 99 be?
  6. As some may know, a few of the Elite Diaries are very useful. Well in the last 3-4 days Ive completed 3! Mortanyia, Falador, and Seers! Lots of content unlocked from those. Also. From a few of the lamps, I now have 80 Hunter, which puts me at base 80 stats!!!!
  7. Crush that quest with your eyes closed bud. Just use ur best gear, some pots, and food. You'll be just fine.
  8. 86 Farming 79 Fetching 1 diary away from completing Mortanyia Elites 1 diary away from completing Seers Elites
  9. Yay! New rank imo. Gratz everyone!
  10. I'm working on 99 str, I got 95 Today and 92 Invention!
  11. Across the street from the Hosidious general store.
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