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  1. Is your ironman mainly a skiller? Or does it just happen to be all non-combat 99's
  2. Toeby has been removed from Moderators due to inactivity. Wish him goodbye.
  3. I posted this on our discord. Hopefully some of our OSRS players will jump on to help you.
  4. I am terrible at keybinds so I wish you best of luck!
  5. Ooof, Is that even legal? Id be mad (lack of words) even if it was a stud job bc they fired me for no reason..
  6. ooof! At what xp did u get him at??
  7. Hmm..... do you currently have a job? If so maybe financing from a used car dealer is an option. Ik financing isnt ideal on used cars, buts it's a way to get a car without needing a lot up front.
  8. I used to live in Portland, Oregon. I didnt have a car for a while but I used the local bus/train/bike system to get to and from work. You don't necessarily need a car, but it is helpful. Try to find a local job in the area of which you can bus/uber/taxi/walk to and see if that helps with the situation.
  9. Give me some of your rng? Im at 109 Magic with no pet. Gratz tho!!!
  10. Congrats everybody! Keep up on the ranks!
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