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  1. Are you a member? If you are not, but still wearing the cape, The cape is identified as a "Members Object: and you cannot use any of its functions.
  2. Nice gainz!! 200m Abby demons kills or bust! xD
  3. Dark, how dare you become inactive! You arent CE Manager anymore, the curse cannot take you away again!
  4. I confirmed on my level 137 acc that you can have stuff on your toolbelt and still go to Entrana.
  5. On top of what Sirius said, if you can use a familiar that can hold extra food for you, such as a war tortose for example, it can be very helpful in tight situations.
  6. Its only on RS3.
  7. Starting to self learn myself Machine code (G-Code) to help myself at work and work towards a different position 🙂


  8. Depending on time, Ill try to make it! I love Zammy!
  9. While casually drinking (idk about 12 shots into my Crown Royal Apple) I was doing god banner boost to make blood runes bc I want more so I can do Vindy super ezzzz. I made over 1600 (bc I had 30 wicked hood teleports plus 72 in bank) and got 76 runecrafting!!!
  10. Despite not being on much, do got me 3 achievements for this log: 90 Summoning 137 Combat Summoning pet!
  11. Nice gainz!!!! I only participated for a day got got 2.3m worth of XP YAY!!!