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  1. Getting Married today!!

    1. moridin_1


      Congratulations Numerous!  Wishing you all the best for the future mate 🙂

  2. Participate in the Halloween Word Search! This is a fun one that words towards the new Halloween award! https://wordsearchlabs.com/view/274658
  3. Congrats to our winners!! Senug 1st 1m x lucy may x 2nd 1m Zandahar (Wants to keep the 1m for more events) 3rd (Donated his 1m to the nest game) Hope 4th graystar 5th Message me a good time to meet you in-game or just msg me in game if you want your prize. Or donate your prize to the next game!
  4. I did make one or two of them a little hard. Sometimes that makes it fun!
  5. Do you have fun with crosswords? Join in on the new Halloween Crossword! (Participating in this event can gain you activity points towards earning Forum Competitions badge) (I will be making a Halloween award for Halloween events soon) Fill this out, screen shot it, and send it to me! https://crosswordlabs.com/view/halloween-crossword-432 First 3 people who send this to me correctly will get 1m in game cash!!!!! Winners may ask to keep the money in the pot for later rewards in other events. Event Ends: Sept 30 12am
  6. oh snap congrats!! You must be really strong now with all those potions!
  7. 88 Woodcutting!!
  8. 84 woodcutting!
  9. 99 Mining was achieved last night!!!
  10. Just achieved 110 Magic
  11. I am slowly wanting to max. I know it can take a long time. Must start now!! Ive gotten: 97 Mining 98 Mining Goal: 99 Mining Double XP Weekend Goals: More Summoning levels (currently 94 with 165k to 95 and 1.92m bxp)
  12. They could be doing things such as familiarization, and using lamps/bonus XP with DXP and other perks that gives things. Wisdom Aura, pulse cores, all that gives extra XP too which could boost that.
  13. Now is your time for a "Fresh Start" Come back explore a bit as a newer player!
  14. 80 Construction, Fishing, Hunter, Mining, and Woodcutting is recommended. Higher HP recommended as well. Quests that would be helpful right away for general purpose: Fight Arena, Waterfall quest, Vampire slayer, tree gnome village, witch's house Maybe the quest line to get menaphos would be good?
  15. That would be a very interesting strategy. Ive never thought about that before. Just need some simple supplies to get started. Only worried about her getting to enraged bc all of our stats will be extremely low and it will take forever to harvest.
  16. I may do this. Not entirely sure.
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