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  1. Do you get a type of error message? Or what happens? There should be a bank note button you press.
  2. Dang buddy Gratz!!!!!! Send your luck my way!!! (Eventually)
  3. I love your adventures Hax!!! Keep it up!!!
  4. Oh dang way to go!!!! You getting one step closer to maxing!
  5. Nice!!! I dont even have 1 200m skill!!!
  6. Gratz buddy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Id also put background noise on and have a 2nd screen for videos. Whether you watch them or edit them. Or be able to do something on the side while playing. Like set timers, use Alt 1 toolkit for help, ect...
  8. I mean, ill take your drop from you if you dont want it Grats tho!
  9. Thanks buddy!!!! Im working on playing some more been busy!!! Also working on Invention stuff for err CE stoooofs!!
  10. Real question here is can I play enough to keep this updated? I will certainly try Yesterday I got Morty at 28m hp XP while help Skrillex at Kril Got Armadyl gloves while training range at Armadyl Jack of Blades title
  11. I got Mortyyyyyyyy

    1. Quick Art

      Quick Art


  12. Which account? If this is your Runescape 3 or Old School Runescape account, then we cannot help. We are not part of their team simply a fansite. If its your RuneHQ account (like a different account) send me a PM and we can chat it up about possible options.
  13. I might become part of that stream team hehehehehehe
  14. According to our Mining Skill It just links directly to coal. This may help you. If it does not please let me know! Thanks! @MrsStormy
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