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  1. In the first week of Archaeology I got 4 dragon mattocks from big game hunter. Now that I actually need one, I'm about 100 kills dry.

    1. Mr Quick

      Mr Quick

      Never did Big Game Hunter. Is it hard?

    2. Dimir Editor

      Dimir Editor

      If you take the time to figure it out it's a cakewalk but otherwise it's "What the hell is going on", kinda like doing a boss fight without looking up how the mechanics work. Wouldn't say our guide is perfect, but I'm proud of it. If you have bladed dive and double surge it gets even easier, and while the quick trap upgrade with hunter marks isn't necessary, it helps a lot.

    3. Wendy Corduroy

      Wendy Corduroy

      nice! also great advice to quick; I was totally clueless at first as well haha!

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