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  1. Toeby

    The Daily Toe

    Ok, so this didn't happen all today but rather catching up from last skill post. Archaeology 71-78
  2. Toeby

    The Daily Toe

    Blah archaeology is.. well.. let's just say I'll do it more later. Been afking td's mostly. I now have murdered over 6k of them. I'm thinking of trying shattered worlds for the slayer lamps.
  3. Hate to see you go bud, thanks for the help.
  4. Toeby

    much xp

    Very nice, congrats bud!
  5. How you like it bud, looking forward to some good things!
  6. Toeby

    The Daily Toe

    Archaeology 60-71
  7. Take one to many roundhouses to the face and it was bound to lose a fang or two . Congrats bud!
  8. Toeby

    The Daily Toe

    Archaeology 54-60
  9. Toeby

    The Daily Toe

    Archaeology 39-54
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