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  1. Hello there @TheLinuxNerd While I may not be the most efficient farmer I would be happy to share my setup. Mind you I normally do wood + fruit so I may not have optimized it the best 5x tree sapling payments for tree protection farming urns (+ urn enhancer if desired) Ignoring the fruit tree stops I normally go: Lumbridge lodestone Grand Exchange teleport (or Varrock tele/lodestone) Falador Lodestone Falador or Taverley lodestone (for Taverley tree) Spirit tree to Gnome Stronghold (may want to GE teleport again)
  2. RIP pet... but it will make next time you get it just that much sweeter now!
  3. can confirm best boss pet in game. Congrats!!!
  4. Thanks for all you have done! Been a great time
  5. An XP overflow into RS? nice work!
  6. Great work! Always a great feeling to check off a region of achievements
  7. Wow! I honestly haven't seen one of those stars in ages, great work finding two of them. Also congratz on finishing the masterwork smithing grind
  8. Great work! RIP that pet though
  9. Tried out the initial beta when most things were just colorful cubes. Will be interesting to see the changes since back then
  10. Study hard! Thanks for the great times and hope to catch ya around
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