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  1. Great work! RIP that pet though
  2. I second talking to whoever will be in charge of your scheduling. The two outcomes I can see is trying to do a 50/50 split, or having to focus on one as a 'primary' and not work as much in the other one right away. You will always want to account time in for sleep and personal time as doing all of that can very easily add to physical and mental exhaustion. Best wishes in sorting everything out
  3. "oh I hate farming" "Herb runs are too much effort" "I don't know how anyone gets 120 in this skill" gratz nub
  4. Great work sola! How does it feel to be part of the Max cape community?
  5. Tried out the initial beta when most things were just colorful cubes. Will be interesting to see the changes since back then
  6. It was on this day that I was able to knock out the spider breeding log! That means I have 3 completed, 6 more to go. Which one do you think I'll end up completing next?
  7. Not many more super duper awesome updates yet, but I did unlock the chromatic partyhat!
  8. Study hard! Thanks for the great times and hope to catch ya around
  9. Nice work! Soon you'll have a rainbow of dragons across your entire farm!