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  1. 8 more 99's till max...seems surreal as I never thought I would ever make it this far!

  2. My last grandparent just left this world today. But he is in a better place now. Love you papa!

  3. On Wednesday I lost my daughter of nearly 20 1/2 years, Circe. I'd raised her since I was 5 and until now I've had no living memories without her alive. Dealing with this change is going to be very hard. I love you baby kitty, sleep well.

    My first daughter.JPG

  4. I'll miss you Minou.. 

    You were my best friend for 14 years and even though I haven't been around much I know you didn't mind, you were always happy to see me.

    Rest Well 😢


  5. Seems that last night our oldest "puppy" decided to rejoin her siblings... Rest well Rozzy 😭

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