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  1. Yay!!! 200m in archaeology and farming It's so great to have both of these skills done but especially archaeology. I did not originally plan for this to happen but it worked out great.
  2. Congratulations!! That's a lot of mining
  3. What a great weekend it was! After several deaths (including a few of my own) I finally made it.
  4. Another late Congrats!! lol, knocking them 120's out
  5. A very late (on here) Congrats my friend
  6. Congratulations!!
  7. That's an awesome feat... Congratulations!!!
  8. Wooo, Congratulations!!!
  9. Wooohoooo, thanks! That was fun and helped me get to my lvl 115 goal. Tty soon
  10. If this is not allowed just let me know and I'll take it down. I love making cakes and this is my latest for my daughter's birthday
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