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  1. Wooohooo!! I made it to master archaeologist. No fancy pictures of it, lol. I was so caught up in the moment.
  2. Congratulations Telle!!! That's one heck of an accomplishment
  3. Wooohoooo, thanks! That was fun and helped me get to my lvl 115 goal. Tty soon
  4. If this is not allowed just let me know and I'll take it down. I love making cakes and this is my latest for my daughter's birthday
  5. Thanks to all those who helped and encouraged me to get this milestone done
  6. A late night check on the dino farm and finally got my shiny spicati. Top top it off it's my first 3t dino I've gotten and it's sparkling. Thanks to Hope whose dino pair gave me it.
  7. Woot!!! Congratulations!!! That's fantabulous.
  8. Grats to all the winners! Great job on all the gains
  9. Congrats to all who ranked up!!!
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