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  1. Haven't done Arch Glacor in forever and got a reaper a couple of days ago so thought I'd attempt this...
  2. To hatch an egg, place it in a pet shop incubator (found in Yanille or Taverley), and then wait for an hour before retrieving your chick (time spent offline doesn't count). I found this on Wiki, hope it helps
  3. Still not bad I've one sigil to get with 5k kc. Pity the one I got from santa's present didn't count
  4. Congrats Zand! What left for the log?
  5. Congrats Zand, mine was around 3.6k so you're doing well
  6. Nice one Zand! What's left for the log?
  7. No idea how this is going to pan out but thought I'd start a fresh log on my pvming boss drops. I wont be screenshotting every drop just some important/expensive ones! Here's the start what I got today at 96% enrage Telos
  8. I didn't see this one, grats Quick!
  9. Just finished my collection log with Miso's Collar as the final item...
  10. Finally got Miso's collar to finish my Rasial collection @ a very nice 1,208 kill count...
  11. What a cute little dog/pig/stag thingy! Grats Zand
  12. Not sure which I'm most amazed by, the trimmed or defeating Zuk, which I know must of been a big struggle for you. Massive grats Zand
  13. Congrats Zand! Reaching it by boring rituals is still a lot faster than Pvm it seems lol
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