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  1. Two or so days after my last 200m comes #16...
  2. Still some bad ones to go lol namely fletching, I can't stand the skill more than most
  3. Just got this from basically afking proteans and Dailies the last couple of months
  4. Belated congrats Robbie!
  5. Congrats Zand! Must start visiting the forums more again
  6. Congrats again Robbie!! Quest cape is good for only if you want comp/trimmed overwise go for the quests with the good rewards because quests suck big time! :))
  7. Congrats Zand, welcome to the club!
  8. Congrats Sassy, you have been busy!
  9. Complaining...? At 12m xp...? sheesh, you don't expect much do ya? Congrats Robbie!
  10. Congrats Quick!! how many left now?
  11. Congrats Zand!! BTW, love that song
  12. Congrats Robbie! Why don't you join me on my 200m Div journey?
  13. Getting there, congrats mate
  14. People still use max guild......???
  15. Congrats Robbie! Soon be there mate
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