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  1. Lots and lots of pvm, then maybe a bit more pvm
  2. I think Necromancy will be slow and steady, I want to get to how I was at pvming before first
  3. Nice one Zand! Had I walked out the room when that happened? lol
  4. Well, it finally happened...now back to pvm for a bit
  5. The pun king Dailies/broad arrows and then protean logs since I didn't need for any other skill. Oh! and pulse cores from oddments/lamps etc from th I've been trying not to think about Necromancy coming Robbie, I'll be burnt out before then lool
  6. Nearly there...it's been a long slog I will admit lol
  7. Grats Quick! Getting there
  8. Congrats Robbie. A man on a mission lol
  9. Just passed this step on the way to 200m all..
  10. Well, I do live only 30 mins away from England's greatest rapscallion Robin of Hood so what can you expect?
  11. Only 3 more remaining after this one (Two of those are long ones at that!)
  12. I've been building up to this one for a little while.. 4 more to go!!
  13. Noice Numerous, good luck on achieving your goals!
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