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  1. Alittle late to the party but def well deserved!
  2. MedicStorm

    #4 99

    After trying to decide what to get for months with the release of PoF however long ago I finally got 99 Farming! Now on to either Hunter or Div. (Excuse the photo couldn’t get screen shot to work)
  3. This is already listed in the guide.
  4. To clarify what the OP is saying the clue on the TT guide states “Search the crates in the Barbarian Village Helmet Shop.” But the solution for that clue states “In Al Kharid look in the southern-most crate in the shop.” The short link just needs to be changed.
  5. Just an update I can confirm this. Just tried it.
  6. Awesome achievement congrats!
  7. Thank you for everything! Good luck!
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