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  1. Well, luck seems to be on my side... Can't complain about 32 kills for next pet. Probably gonna be forever for next one though... Fifth Revenant pet Hobgoblin at 4169 kc.
  2. Fourth Revenant pet Pyrefiend at 4137 kc.
  3. Third Revenant Pet Icefiend at 1834 kc.
  4. So a little late on this but.... Winners are @ChathMurrpauwith 4.1M @Balista3.7M @graystar1.07M Congrats to those who won and thanks for all who played. Winners can contact me in game for prizes.
  5. Second Revenant pet Goblin at 1399 kc.
  6. Got my first Revenant pet. Got Imp at 274 kc.
  7. @Gadgetphile and @Darkjeskill you are now proud owners of some fancy new awards!
  8. Thanks for all the help over the years it was much appreciated!
  9. Congrats and thanks for all the work!
  10. Since we just got a FM update it is a good time to have a FM XP competition! As always there are some restrictions: - One RSN per person entry allowed. - Can enter after the competition starts but will be at a disadvantage. The competition will start April 4th 00:00 game time and will end April 11th 00:00 game time. The winners of the competition will win: 1st place - 3m GP and 1k Corrupted magic logs 2nd place - 2m GP and 1k Corrupted magic logs 3rd place - 1m GP and 1k Corrupted magic logs As they say in the Hunger Games, may the odds ever be in your favor. Crystal Math Lab Comp I have added all those on the pre-signup list. @ChathMurrpau @With Faith @Aaros @Dorky Girl @Fuzzyjoe162 @graystar @Hankinator @Hope @Loucetios @Numerous One @senug @SiriusXM @Super Fly @Telle @Toeby @Zing101 Everyone else please join in and have some fun!
  11. Used some DTDs at Nex figured I would just leave the log here in case anyone is interested: Dart 1: 400 green dragonhide Dart 2: 40 Grimy Torstol Dart 3: Virtus boots (LOTD shined) and Nex's followers book Dart 4: 375 Magic Logs Dart 5: 40 Grimy Torstol Dart 6: 375 Magic Logs Dart 7: 80 Luminite stone spirts Dart 8: 75 Grimy dwarf weed, 75 Grimy avantoe, 1 loop half of a key (LOTD shined), 1 diamond (LOTD shined). Approx 1.283m/dtd
  12. Dark Advisor has been removed from CE staff due to inactivity/IRL duties. Leave any comments for him below.
  13. Submission has been added to the site. Thank you for your input.
  14. Thanks for all the work over the years!
  15. FIgured that would get your attention. Everyone welcome @Hail4Gamingto the CE team!
  16. Everybody welcome @G33kt3chto the CE team!
  17. Submission has been added to the site. Thank you for your input.
  18. @Hail4Gaming Did you need to pick the lock of the house and the chest or just the chest? Also wanna glance at the first picture in the guide and make sure it looks accurate, as far as all the locations?
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