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  1. Happy Canadian Birth lad

  2. Happy Birthday Nate!!!!!! 🤘

  3. Flama


    Awesome! Well done Lou! The points must be a solid number too
  4. These were about a week apart, but it puts me 3 away from JOAT! =]
  5. Some recent xp gains.. That concludes 40m+ all goal! Next up is virtual level 111+ all =] Almost forgot.. got 60k Dark Beast kc today!
  6. Over the last couple of days, no luck with quite a lot of bossing.. but XP is always nice =] Forgot to add 115 Slayer too!
  7. Grats from a fellow dark beast killer (lover)
  8. Thanks! =] Achieved 110+ all skills, next goal is 40m+ all skills. Updated first post. Also...
  9. XP Boss Logs Not close to completing Zammy Log One more pet for log completion =]
  10. Vindiddles has joined the party!
  11. Grats! I forgot this was even a broadcast lol. Been so long since I’ve seen it until Amy got it yesterday.
  12. 110 Thieving achieved while afk at priff elves, so no pic =P Cooking and Fletching to go! Since I haven’t bossed for a couple weeks, that will be the focus today. Wish me luck =]