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  1. Here's my first entry from that point 80x Sapphire, 66x Emerald, 59x Ruby, 47x Diamond, 30x Dragonstone, 1x Onyx
  2. Sapphire x83 All the rest numbered.... feel oddly lucky on this onyx rate tonight
  3. Happy Canadian Birth lad

  4. Happy Birthday Nate!!!!!! 🤘

  5. Some recent xp gains.. That concludes 40m+ all goal! Next up is virtual level 111+ all =] Almost forgot.. got 60k Dark Beast kc today!
  6. Over the last couple of days, no luck with quite a lot of bossing.. but XP is always nice =] Forgot to add 115 Slayer too!
  7. Thanks! =] Achieved 110+ all skills, next goal is 40m+ all skills. Updated first post. Also...
  8. XP Boss Logs Not close to completing Zammy Log One more pet for log completion =]
  9. 110 Thieving achieved while afk at priff elves, so no pic =P Cooking and Fletching to go! Since I haven’t bossed for a couple weeks, that will be the focus today. Wish me luck =]
  10. Took a week break and got back into the gains.. Focussing on levels more than boss collection for the time being Eventful day of levels Only Thieving, Fletching and Cooking for 110+
  11. Grats! Inb4 Solak HM or Ramens next insane PVM challenge
  12. Update from the last couple days! XP gains: 110 Divination - 115 Constitution - 110 Strength Boss Log: Graardor - Bandos Helm - Bandos Warshield - Godsword Shard 3
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