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Everyone has Life Hacks to Make Life Easier... What about Runescape Life Hacks?

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Why Don't We have a "Life Hacks" for Runescape? A Topic going on what makes life Easier on people playing Runescape? Like iceberg made some content about with certain skills you can just hit your spacebar instead of using the mouse all the time. I dont know but it would be cool if we had a permanent and dedicated topic to something like this. Does anyone else have any shortcuts that they use to make life easier?

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When you are training certain skills, such as fishing, you can place raw fish in your action bar and just drop them as you fish.  You can also do this with bones as you are attacking!

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  • Don't forget that you can add timers to remind you of your favorite d&d 
  • If you're still fairly new, try out the path system it can help when you feel like you're just being redundant with in-game content 
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