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  1. I got 99 crafting!
  2. Don't forget that you can add timers to remind you of your favorite d&d If you're still fairly new, try out the path system it can help when you feel like you're just being redundant with in-game content
  3. I wish but unfortunately I have non-skiller tasks - so they're sometimes useless to me. Good reminder for those who need it though
  4. IGN: Jartegnir Fun fact for those who never got to play RSC: Originally, every item was tradeable which allowed people to skip a lot of quest content and so they made some things untradeable.
  5. Whats up Emmie? Hope you had a Good Day today!

    1. Emmie


      Thanks! Sorry I've been away, I was moving into a new place! 🙂 Hope all is well with you.

  6. Been a while since I've been on here! How is everyone doing?

    Progress update: I got Bubbles today! 🥰 @ 76 fishing

    1. Quick Art

      Quick Art


    2. moridin_1
    3. Telle


      wooo welcome back and congrats on bubbles!

  7. 5 more craft levels, 3 more div & smith levels until I unlock Invention 😁 Yay, can't wait!

    1. moridin_1


      You're getting there, well done!

  8. I GOT ARCHIE @ LVL 27 Arch! ❤️ LESS THAN 10K EXP! 😱

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