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  1. Emmie

    Emmie's RS Blog

    Newest update! Decided I'd make the account my main, for tons of varying reasons that are too many to list. Leveling updates: Officially have 50 Invention; this skill is seriously a bit of a confusing pain, yet I still like it better than dung, which I have NOT trained at all, just lamped LOL 77 Dung; all lamped & will probably forever lamp it tbh but oh well Still 56 Archaeology (on hold until 67 Invention though) 85 Agility I'll be focusing on rounding all my skills (now that I have to catch combat up) to around 70-80 as well as doing tons and tons of quests
  2. 5 more craft levels, 3 more div & smith levels until I unlock Invention 😁 Yay, can't wait!

    1. moridin_1


      You're getting there, well done!

  3. Emmie

    Emmie's RS Blog

    UPDATE! 56 Archaeology 80 Agility 75 Divination 65 Smithing 65 Crafting 61 Dungeoneering (through lamps mostly, haven't found anyone to let me leech off their dging trips lol) Currently going for 80 Div, Smith & Craft so I can unlock Invention. I'm hoping that within the next 2-3 days I'll have Invention unlocked, when that happens I'll need some guidance on how to train it though. I've read the wiki's but it still seems so confusing to me.
  4. Emmie

    Emmie's RS Blog

    Also go to Archaeology Assistant status!
  5. I GOT ARCHIE @ LVL 27 Arch! ❤️ LESS THAN 10K EXP! 😱

  6. Emmie

    Emmie's RS Blog

    Update! So, working in the medical field while the COVID-19 stuff is going on, let's just say it's been hectic! Started Archaeology today, got Archie at level 27 & less than 10k xp. TALK ABOUT RNG! Every skill is 50+ except dung & obviously arch & invention (still locked)
  7. Welcome to my blog! I'm a level 3 skiller. I started this account February 2020. I'm going to try to update this weekly! Level 50 in all non-combat skills 70 Fishing 50+ Quest Points *To be Completed*
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