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unofficial RuneHQ Croesus event

Mr Quickk

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rhq croesus banner.png

Note: this is NOT an official RuneHQ event!!


Do you want to learn this boss or its mechanics? Do you want to farm its rewards? Or just do it for fun??
Now is your chance! Our events team decided to give everyone an opportunity to do Croesus weekly! If you can`t attend, maybe another week or the week after?! Everyone can join!

Requirements:  Using our discord for Voice-chat is mandatory with this boss!! (you can speak and/or listen)




Event Details
Date: every Friday
Time: between 20 - 23 Game Time
FC: host Will be decided on Friday!
World: 88
Location: Elder Godwars Dungeon - Croesus Front



Discord details
Join here



We hope to see you all there!
RuneHQ Events Team

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