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Miscellania collect- 250 days - coffers full message


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After a long wait of 250 days kept at 100% (that was a task in itself) I finally got a "Coffers are Full" message. I had to clear 21 extra bank spaces to allow the loot (my bank is full).

Total costs at 75k per day x 250 days was 18,750,000 running costs. Collect loot total was as follows;


1104916120_100.png.58d1133b76ecb5e3bd3430e0f5461885.png 1012282953_grimadvising.png.fc0087f10f9ec89abe40d18d3b60ff8f.png

banked.png.17d7c453443c682252bcc645a9f121bc.png breakdown.png.de58fd2ff096790aade3eb749d8a45f6.png


Nett profits worked out at 144,000 odd per day. I did sell all the herbs at around 8% over mid so profits were higher. Added bonus is that my birds nests collection is fractionally under 5,000 unopened at the moment. Wonder what value is in those ?


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