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Staff vs Non-Staff

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This thread is a spin-off of the stickied 'Count to 50 before a Staff Posts!' thread on the RuneScape forums in Forum Games, but instead the rules are that you must count to 30 before a Staff-member posts.

General Rules:

- You cannot post twice in a row
- You cannot edit your your post.
- If you do not put a number in your reply, then your reply will not count towards the game.

Extra rules:

- When staff members post the count goes down by -1.
- When a non-staff member posts the count goes up by +1.
- If the number is already below zero and a staff posts, then we go the number below. For example, if staff posted -4, then another staff would post -5.
- When the Staff reach -15 (or below), any post by a non-staff is automatically 0 and the count resets.
- Staff include Events team and Clan Staff.

End of a game:

- When non-staff reach 30 the game resets.
- However, when staff reach -15 they can still post more downwards.

If there are any questions, post them with the number so you don't spam up the thread with non-number posts and to show you are taking part. Don't, however, use a question to get past the rules, they'll still apply. Also, just as the RS forums thread, if there are double posts of the same number, don't go the number after it should have been including the double post. Take the first of the doubles posts and go from there.

Enjoy the game!

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