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3ter's Gaming Goals for Sept 2018 + IRL Stuff

Dimir Editor

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These are my gaming goals for the month as normal, but I am working on getting a new assignment from my temp agency, moving into a new apartment without cockroaches piggybacking, and applying to a job that could be a big deal (warehouse my way, I have contacts on the inside, and it's close to our new apartment, but I can't reliably apply until I'm done moving). I will likely make insignificant progress on my goals this month just like in August.



99 Farming (Started at 98, currently 98)

Unlock Bonecrusher upgrade in The Arc (Started with 21 Taijitu, currently have 21, Started with 8.5k chimes, currently have 8.5k)

105 Invention (Started at 103, currently 103)

16m Agility XP (Started with 14.8m, currently 15m)



Alchemy to 100 (Started at 84, currently 97])

Finish the shrines in my basement. Have all the ingredients but the missing amulets:

  • Akatosh
  • Julianos
  • Mara
  • Stendarr
  • Talos
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