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  2. Since the mining/smithing rework the location description has been incorrect. There are no longer 2 mining spots on the north end of Crandor. The spot to dig is 5 spaces East of the eastern runite rock.
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  4. Hi xkillincowsx, Firstly I would suggest researching the type of build you wanted to create, as pk’ing methods will be slightly different per build. Once you’ve established a clear build, there’s bound to be a tonne of guides on youtube! I have an incomplete zerk (60attack-90strength-45defence 95-range).
  5. Wow those carvings are seriously impressive! My own are a little more ordinary, keeping fit, cooking and reading.
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  7. Hi all. I managed to get a screen capture of the location for this clue, as there is no picture given on the site. I'm attaching it below.
  8. Finally got Helwyr log at 1473 kc. I was waiting on the crest
  9. Worse thing is, I can't answer that in a negative way!
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  11. got this one crossed of my list!
  12. Quote taken directly from www.runescape.com Before this update Min hit:183 Max hit: 689 Avg: 436 Total Avg (8 hits): 3488 After this update Min hit:183 Max hit: 560 Avg: 372 Total Avg (8 hits): 2972 Dragonbreath (comparative) Min hit: 885 Max hit: 4199 Total Avg (1 hit): 2542 Additionally, it should be noted that Magma tempest will perform better under increased stat boosts (such as Elder Overloads and Maniacal Aura) compared to single hit abilities. This also still applies on-hit effects multiple times, such as Cinderbane gloves and God books. Single hit abilities with higher ability damage scaling will perform better with improved gear. Scripture of Jas The Scripture of Jas is in an odd spot where it's more difficult to correctly use compared to the Scripture of Wen, while also capping how much of a benefit you can gain from it. As a result, we're raising the damage cap on the item in the hope that it may better fill a niche for players utilising a lot of damage over time effects that wouldn't be boosted by the Scripture of Ful. - Increased the damage cap for Scripture of Jas: 10,000 -> 30,000 Other Increased drop rate of the Resonant anima of Bik from skilling nodes in the Senntisten: Fishing and Hunter nodes now have a 50% chance to reward anima when successfully gathering resources. Mining and Woodcutting nodes now reward guaranteed anima on successful resource gather. The particles that appear on the core underneath Croesus are now Red, Blue and Yellow, in order to help with colourblindness. Colourblind mode can be toggled through right-clicking on Gorvek. Fixed an issue that prevented Tempest of Armadyl from dealing additional hits to nearby targets when combined with Greater Chain. Fixed an issue where flying Vyrewatch in Meiyerditch could bite whomever is attacking them instead of their intended target. In response to player feedback, we have added the name of your current Slayer/Reaper monster to the Slayer counter tooltip to more easily determine the name of the target when the counter is in shrink mode. In response to player feedback, we've reduced the size of cash bags in Daily Challenge reward chests (ie large->medium and medium→small). In response to player feedback, cash bags are now substituted for oddments in the Daily Challenge reward chests if you're an Ironman. Aura Refresh items that are gained from the daily challenge's weekly reward system are automatically added to your aura refresh interface. Fixed a number of stretching issues with the Augmented Fractured Staff of Armadyl across dyed and un-dyed variants. Corrected the Hard Falador achievement 'Mass Production's Crafting prerequisite to Runecrafting. Fixed an issue where the weekly reward chests from the Daily Challenge update could be searched for on the Grand Exchange. Fixed an issue which allowed the Marketplace and Bank to be opened at the same time. Fixed an issue where the Oddments store would not stay open when opened from the Treasure Hunter tab. Now it remains open if it is opened from the Treasure Hunter tab. Community The latest goings-on from our community Scenes from Gielinor Zorander (top) and FMC Tiger (bottom) showing off the glory of those new Premier Club cosmetics! AWeeRedPanda has put together a wintery scene that dreams are made of. Penguin is sus though. And to end on a sombre note, MarcE looks like they're bringing about the end of Gielinor (in style though!) Pink Skirts Each week the Pink Skirts put on a selection of fun activities that everyone can join. Here’s our pick for this week: Gregorovic Mass Go chase those marks for your Golden Party Hat Shard! Hosted by: M e r c y and Helpscape Date/Time: Wednesday November 24th, 12:00 - 13:00 Game Time World: 35 Location: Sliske Lobby FC: Helpscape If that doesn't take your fancy, take a look at the full events schedule here. There’s sure to be something you’ll enjoy! - The RuneScape Team
  13. It took a while, but here it is..
  14. In freeing sir amik varze I mixed the cream with the milk and added the cornflour but when I added the vanilla pod nothing happened. This is making the cream brûlée supreme What am I doin wrong? Thanks
  15. Hard clue: "Often sought out by scholars of histories past, find me where words of wisdom speak volumes." Solution: "Speak to the Examiner at the Digsite. He always gives you a puzzle box. Closest teleport: Digsite pendant (5) option 3" Problem with solution: All 3 Examiner NPCs are *female*.
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