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  1. Do you have trouble finding people to help you with those pesky group achievement? Well fear no more! Events Team is coming to your rescue and will be hosting an Achievement Hunter event this weekend. What's that? It's an event in which we help you clear some of the harder to get achievements!  Event Details: Date: 15.02.2019 Time: Here FC: RHQ Events World: 60 Location: TBA Discord details: Join here We hope to see you all there! The Events Team
  2. Across a icy cold river are the last true followers of Zamorak from the God Wars. Those who have a great amount of stamina will be able to take a leap across the river and into the fortress of Zamorak. But once you are in the unholy fortress you will have no connections with the Gods anymore. Those who are willing to go across icy river and lose their connections with the Gods will have a opportunity to fight General K'ril Tsutsaroth, the last remaining general of Zamorak. Those who overcome and defeat him may find pieces of the sacred Zamorak God Sword. Do you think you can survive this unholy fortress and get out alive of it safe with many riches? Event Details: Date: Saturday, 26 January Time: Here World: 67 FC: Telle Location: Zamorak GWD Discord details: Join here We hope to see you all there! The Events Team
  3. The Void Knights are being attacked by pesky demonic creatures with varying combat styles and abilities, but no matter how many we defeat, they just keep appearing endlessly! We need to assure the safety of the Void Knights by not only killing off these pests, but also by breaking the portals that dispose them to attack. Be ready to help outnumber and/or put your multi-target attacks to their best potential, because this is the day we'll help in the effort to stop the Pests from doing as they please! Event Details: Date: Friday, January 25th Time: Here FC: RHQ Events Location: Void Knight Island Discord details: Join here We hope to see you all there! The Events Team
  4. Thats right @Toeby! And also thank you to everyone!
  5. WTG! VERY NICE! GZZ! (Stop photobombing him @Haxorze
  6. Could you add me to this list? Aaros - Aaros
  7. the whole surprise albume, Kamikaze, by Eminem
  8. its in norwegian, but you'll get the drill lol