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  1. Just like the number 2, the first Prime Number, my first DK pet was also Prime!
  2. Megagrats on the achievement! Proud of ya son!
  3. I was reaping souls from Gregorovic, when he dropped something...
  4. I was reaping souls from Gregorovic, when I found a mask... I touched it and the following little guy appeared!
  5. While battling Hermod, the Spirit of War, The following happened!
  6. I was reaping souls from Hermod, the Spirit of War, when something dropped to the floor. I picked it up and clicked on it and the following happened!
  7. When I found a new pet, the following happened!
  8. I was reaping souls at Helwyr when the following happened!
  9. After making lots of little rocks out of big rocks, the following happened!
  10. Congrats to all who ranked up!
  11. After many strugles I have finally defeated my greatest foe. Zuk. In doing so, I have reacquired the coveted Reaper Crew title, and in doing so completed the last requirement for the Trimmed Completionist Cape and the Master Trimmed Completionist Cape. I will cherish these capes and wear them with pride.
  12. I was ritually skilling in Um when the following happened!
  13. After a lot of ritualistic grinding, the following happened!
  14. I was gathering souls and the following happened...
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