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  1. After acquiring the Molly pet, I got the following...
  2. At the RuneHQ HM Mole event, I knocked out a rotten fang. When I clicked on it, Molly appeared! Btw: As with most boss pet items, the Rotten fang follows the drop threshold system; it has a base drop rate of 1/2500 (1/500 in hard mode) and a threshold of 500.
  3. Every reality has its ankle biters
  4. After many hours visiting shattered worlds, the following happened!
  5. When I was leaving after killing, and then restoring the Phoenix, for about the fifth time, I got lost and wound up in a chamber full of eggs (something like the Horta's). I clapped my hands at one of the eggs, and this little fella appeared...
  6. While reaping souls from Vindy and Gorvek, the following happened:
  7. I was reaping souls at Vindy & Gorvek, when this scale appeared in my backpack! When I clicked on it, this fellow appeared.
  8. Shocking! Grats on the new stalker!
  9. I was slogging in Glacor Cavern when I found some boots... Now I have boots for my feats!
  10. Keep building that 200M list! Grats Ducky
  11. I was slaying Adamant dragons beneath the Brimhaven dungeon, when one of them dropped something...
  12. You're certainly not floundering at getting these 99's Grats!
  13. Bye Telle Thanks for all you've done
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