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  1. Obor is found in the dungeon in the little shed near the grand exchange. You’ll need a brass key to get inside from that building.
  2. This submission has been closed and was not put up on the site. If I did not reply to this topic with a reason, please feel free to send me a Personal Message.
  3. Getting Married today!!

    1. moridin_1


      Congratulations Numerous!  Wishing you all the best for the future mate 🙂

  4. Participate in the Halloween Word Search! This is a fun one that words towards the new Halloween award! https://wordsearchlabs.com/view/274658
  5. Congrats to our winners!! Senug 1st 1m x lucy may x 2nd 1m Zandahar (Wants to keep the 1m for more events) 3rd (Donated his 1m to the nest game) Hope 4th graystar 5th Message me a good time to meet you in-game or just msg me in game if you want your prize. Or donate your prize to the next game!
  6. I did make one or two of them a little hard. Sometimes that makes it fun!
  7. Do you have fun with crosswords? Join in on the new Halloween Crossword! (Participating in this event can gain you activity points towards earning Forum Competitions badge) (I will be making a Halloween award for Halloween events soon) Fill this out, screen shot it, and send it to me! https://crosswordlabs.com/view/halloween-crossword-432 First 3 people who send this to me correctly will get 1m in game cash!!!!! Winners may ask to keep the money in the pot for later rewards in other events. Event Ends: Sept 30 12am
  8. I love changing out drive belts. Went to tighten the alternator and get it set in place and snapped the bolt clean


  9. Take it easy friend, hope life takes you in great directions!
  10. Submission has been added to the site. Thank you for your input.
  11. Submission has been added to the site. Thank you for your input.
  12. I love your adventures Hax!!! Keep it up!!!
  13. I got Mortyyyyyyyy

  14. I might become part of that stream team hehehehehehe
  15. According to our Mining Skill It just links directly to coal. This may help you. If it does not please let me know! Thanks! @MrsStormy
  16. Happy New Years everyone!!! Please stay safe and drive Sober!!!

  17. My last grandparent just left this world today. But he is in a better place now. Love you papa!

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    2. Katalex


      So sorry for your loss.

    3. moridin_1


      Sorry to hear that Numerous, so sad to hear mate.

    4. Lady Tzhaar

      Lady Tzhaar

      Many Prayers!  What I have learned from losing my mother is the thoughts about her hurts but over time the pain is easing.   

      So sorry for your loss, Adam!



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