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  1. On Wednesday I lost my daughter of nearly 20 1/2 years, Circe. I'd raised her since I was 5 and until now I've had no living memories without her alive. Dealing with this change is going to be very hard. I love you baby kitty, sleep well.

    My first daughter.JPG

  2. In the first week of Archaeology I got 4 dragon mattocks from big game hunter. Now that I actually need one, I'm about 100 kills dry.

    1. Quick Art

      Quick Art

      Never did Big Game Hunter. Is it hard?

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  3. After lots of dawdling towards the end, I got these today...

    99 Archeology.pngGuildmaster Title.png

  4. I GOT ARCHIE @ LVL 27 Arch! ❤️ LESS THAN 10K EXP! 😱

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