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  1. Today the Large buyer resets. Large buyers include: Milkshake - Cow Prezleek - Yak The Raptor - Dragon Chance of buyer depends on what animals you have in the large pens. If you don't have any, it will always spawn Milkshake. Buyers can be "forced" by only having one type of large animal within a pen when you reset for the day or by placing an advert for a specific one.. Note that the calendar automatically converts it to your timezone. For example, if it changes at reset on the 16th, which is 7PM on the 15th for me, the calendar will list the 15th when I look at it.
  2. I was gonna wait to do this, but couldn't resist =3 Best of luck all!
  3. Submission has been added to the site. Thank you for your input.
  4. this is why you don't write things at 2AM lol.... thanks for the corrections, I'll get em in a jiffy Best part is I actually had some of those right in the original I wrote and missed moving it proper when coding the sheet XD
  5. We all gained xp so we all got something nice work to everyone, huzzah gains
  6. Seems that last night our oldest "puppy" decided to rejoin her siblings... Rest well Rozzy 😭

    1. Zandahar


      I am so very sorry for your loss 😞



    2. Katalex


      I am so sorry

    3. St. Squiggy

      St. Squiggy

      😞 Always stinks to hear of a pet passing, sorry to hear Amy

  7. So I just did my daily keys..... "I heard you have a fletch completion in a few days" - Jagex
  8. Currently, almost no one has access to the image folders. Hitori was working on incorporating it into new Sitefun, but was having issues so it is not done yet.
  9. Come now, you know the drill (allllll the images =D )
  10. Image loads fine for me.... but in case any others have issues... Basically we list half as much gunpowder as needed - items needed (or acquired, not sure which section and don't feel like looking atm) will need to also be adjusted accordingly as well.
  11. That is something we will definitely consider doing, especially once we have a better developed OSRS database. Thank you for your suggestion!
  12. Ngl, I'm totally ok having to do the moves because we have submissions in odd places. Means that we're getting some OSRS ones for once =3 Also shows me that we should have descriptions around this joint to help non-staff figure where to put things XD
  13. Ty for clarification of which image for which step. Np on the move, it's mah duty *tips hat*
  14. Was contacted in game about incorrect info.... tossing on here until we can fix it.
  15. naaaaa, you said you wanted to keep the 4m gap as large as possible
  16. Fantastic work everyone! almost half a bil XP between all of us =D @DarkPyroNinjaI know you were concerned about how big that 4m gap between us was, so I made it bigger. Is about 7.5m good? nearly doubled it for you
  17. you're in your cover image on your profile so prolly a little less
  18. *looks at empty Unread Posts list* ..... what do I do now D=

    1. Alfawarlord


      start spamming the forum games?

    2. Armahkarma


      Edit the things? 😋

    3. ChathMurrpau


      eww forum games.... and I have been working on guide edits for when sitefun is fixed, but I'm always doing that so it doesn't feel like anything different/new/extra lol

  19. until
    All across the land of Gielinor, the experience is in bloom! Join your clannies and friends as we all gain twice the normal amount of experience for everyday skilling. Quote taken directly from Jagex Be sure to join our skilling competition for your chance to win some extra GP. See this post to sign up, view details, and get the tracker link. We hope to see you out there making great gains! RHQ Staff
  20. Finally getting everything set back like it was.



    1. Hitori


      I tried to find this stupid widget for the front page and couldn't. You must teach me old wise woman of the ACP.

    2. ChathMurrpau


      Took me a while too lol. I'll refind it in the AM and PM you my secrets 😉

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