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  1. Congrat's Quick! What's next? learning how to boss? j/k!!!
  2. I think your event luck is about as good as mine Hax, I still think I'm being penalised for that greater barge codex drop I got last year! Congrats again fella
  3. Lmao!! A great narrative Hax (for some reason my quest wasn't half as much fun as yours). Keep it up man, not many things give me a chuckle anymore but this did
  4. Congrats Zand!! Think I'm gonna have to start skilling again to keep you at arms length
  5. Congrats Scott, getting some good gainz!!
  6. Congrats Quick, didn't even know there was a pet, now I do!
  7. Congrats Scott, keep it up!
  8. Congrats Jeskill, nice low kc too!
  9. Grats Hax! It took me about 220 kc !
  10. Congrats Zandy!! You're getting there
  11. My 2nd 200m of the dxp ..
  12. Congrats Quick!! I'm not far behind, just need those mats haha
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