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  1. Was doing a reaper task and had just killed Masuta when this popped up! Now just ED3 log to complete for all the Elite Dungeons
  2. Are you and Quick having a race? lol Congrats mate!
  3. Congrats yet again Robbie, you're doing great mate
  4. Congrats Robbie, you'll burn yourself out at the rate you're knocking these 99's out!
  5. COngrats again Zand! still one of my favourite skill pets
  6. Congrats again mate!
  7. Thought I'd try my hand at my first solo ED1 today, I didn't get a scale drop but I did pull this out the bag lol....
  8. Just thought I'd clarify something here, I have only resigned as Community Crew for reasons known to Alfa and Quick. I am still RHQ Staff and will always be a member of this clan until Alfa doesn't want me anymore lol. Just thought I'd get that across
  9. Congrats Zand. Hogging the forums a bit this week huh? lol
  10. You have been busy Zand! congrats mate...could of made it hard mode though, you've taken all the fun outta it
  11. Congrats again Sy, you're knocking them out now
  12. Congrats Sy next...200m all
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