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  1. Zuk is fun but he's absolutely not the "wing it on the first try" type of boss.
    Gotta get two more capes and then I might go for hard mode

    1. Mr Quick

      Mr Quick

      You made any progress on Zuk?

    2. Kunio


      Oh I got the three capes on the first week or so. Just haven't bothered trying hard mode since it sounds like it just takes too long

  2. I'm glad that the t95/t85 Glacor off-hand is an actual Sliver Dager

    1. moridin_1


      I just had to shadow dye my t95 babies 😉

  3. I have completed zero, and been instructed to comment that I have completed zero.
  4. Guess I could use an excuse to completing all the mediums I've been ignoring
  5. Hope I can get 99 Arch before May 21st so I can celebrate Talk Like Yoda Day in peace.

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