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Thanksgiving Crossword!

St. Squiggy

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Hey guys! For those of us who are in the throes of Thanksgiving, you're probably either going for after meal seconds or still reeling from that last plate you ate. Others that aren't celebrating, hopefully you ate well regardless! At least this is something with minor effort involved, just uses your hands and your brain! I've crafted a crossword based on different tidbits of info from Runescape's Thanksgiving history, lets see if you know what they are! Rules are:

  • Once completed, please PM me your answers (either in it itself or in a list form that I can reference easily)
  • Try not to spoil it for anyone posting anything here, but you are welcome to post about it!

First two to PM me a complete and correct puzzle gets 1m each! If no one has submitted one or only get incompletes, the best results will be selected then. Good luck everyone! This will end on Nov. 30th.


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I know it's a wee* bit late, but I got some results from the crossword, and the first two who PM'd me successful results was @ChathMurrpauand @Zandahar! Thank you guys and everyone else who submitted puzzles to us! Here are the correct answers, courtesy of Chath 🙂

*wee being eye of the beholder 😂


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