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Peevers Log


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Hey everyone!  Ive always enjoyed when I played keeping a little log/on going thread for what Im up to.  I always find it interesting to see what others are doing and Id like to think others think the same.  So heres my little log!  Ill put what my "goals" are on this first post and update as needed and post below.  I do have a pretty busy real life these days so its not like there will be posts everyday but when something happens I want to share 🙂 .


Current Primary Goals 

99 Arch (start of this thread lvl 70) 

120 Slayer (start of this thread just over 74mil xp) 

120 Farming (start of this thread 87.5mil xp) 

120 HP (only about 700k to go) 


Other goals 

Max QP  (im just over 400 at start)

Learn POF- I tried it on an ironman first and didn't care for it but want to give it another shot


Now lets do this! 


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You deffo got them in the bag, POF is easy once you get setup, on an ironman i can imagine how hard that would be. One bit of advice, complete the logs of the animals you are currently doing, this way it won't be a pain in the future. Good luck!

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Ive been a busy bee last few days

73-78 arch, 110 agil, 2 nooby quests and Associate done for arch.  Phew!  










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Arch levels, Div levels and reaper drops.  Been a good week for me 🙂  Knocked off a couple other quests which I forgot to take screeners of.  All my boss drops are log progress which is great! 










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