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Telle's goals and stuff


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On 10/4/2020 at 7:53 PM, Telle said:

new solo and trio pb at Astellarn (ed2):

1:58 (solo, can improve due to no aura active)
0:45 (trio)

new solo pb at Verak Lith (ed2):

5:28 (can improve because Sharpshooter aura instead of Reckless)

new solo pb at Black Stone Dragon (ed2):

 7:15 (see verak lith.. also got a phone call in the middle of the fight)

used aura this run and got 2 new pb's

Astellarn (solo):

Verak Lith (solo):

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Congrats mate, not really done much from being inactive the past week, but damn those recipe pages take forever lol


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