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  1. Congrats bud!!!!!! How many 99's do you have now?
  2. Well with Pernix, you can range NEX, which is the best way to kill her. You can make good money at nex.
  3. Are you a PVMer, Skiller, or combination of both? ALso, what bosses do you kill? Gwd1 is an okay place to start and moving up to GWD2 while killing rax, NEX, QBD, ect... later on
  4. Got my internet all set up and ready to go!

  5. Give us all your info so we may make the items in the DB with ease
  6. Congrats Amy!! Well Deserved!!!!!
  7. What 2 pieces are you missing?
  8. I leave for Georgia in less than 2 weeks 🙂

  9. Oof what's your secret to getting 100m drop? Grats and lets see more!
  10. Nice job! 1 down only few more to go!!!!
  11. Our calculators are down for editing right now. As soon as they are up, I will get these in there!
  12. Currently our calculators are down on our end for editing. Once they come back up, I will get this into the calcs!
  13. Terrible miniquest line, decent rewards though Nice job
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