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  1. Quote taken directly from www.runescape.com Patch Notes:
  2. Thanks everyone for participating in this comptition! Also a huge grats to everyone who gained huge amounts of Xp and levels!! a Huge amount of 3,936,824,846 XP in total has been gained during Double XP for everyone! With that i decided to make a top 5 instead of a Top 3. Top 5 @Quick Art - 5M @Dan The Rock - 3M @moridin_1 - 2M @Telle - 1M @Alfawarlord - 1M
  3. Finally achieved 200M in Herblore!! But no Pet..... now i got a Bernie 2.0
  4. Quote taken directly from www.runescape.com Patch Notes:
  5. Congratulations!
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