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  1. With DXP and our Competitions almost around the corner its time to make things more interesting! If we can hit 500M total xp with everyone at the end of the Competition, i will do a random BOND Giveaway. ( 1B total XP is ofcourse 2 Bonds , not if that`s going to happen.) @Ksb Single@senug @Souls_Black @ChathMurrpau @SntNick @James @Hope @Aaros @Amoa @Balista @Pixelatic @Super Afk @Darkjeskill @graystar
  2. Found THIS guy yesterday in our clan chat popping in and saying hi! @Sliver
  3. Congratulations Senug! What`s the next 99?
  4. Hi Amoa, Welcome back to RS! and congratulations on those achievements.
  5. The Supreme Growth potion (sundry) costs 1000 beans instead of 400! https://www.runehq.com/item/supreme-growth-potion-sundry
  6. https://www.runehq.com/special/playerowned-farms#breeding At the Animal/Potions section of the guide, Supreme Growth potion sundry costs 1000 beans instead of 400!
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