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  1. Top 10 Winners @Sassykookie with 17.037.520 xp Prize: 10M @Telle with 16.090.553 xp Prize: 9M ✔ @Alfawarlord with 8.399.388 xp Prize: 8M ✔ @Quick Artwith 5.362.339 xp Prize: 7M ✔ @ChathMurrpauwith 1.431.623 xp Prize: 6M ✔ @Aegis Minerwith 502.683 xp Prize: 5M @DarkAlicewith 428.351 xp Prize: 4M @Ksb Singlewith 400.365 xp Prize: 3M @graystarwith
  2. Apparently The Competition has ended sooner then i tought..... (problems with the time and end date, but their developers aren`t that communicative..) Top 10 will be announced soon!
  3. Hi Since RS3 this has been renamed to "hatchet" .
  4. 120 archaeology and hard working on comp cape achievements!
  5. * Dust off Max cape at bank* Hello my old friend, you have been missed! *Hugss* Finally got my Max cape back! With that 99 Archaeology also achieved And achieved Guildmaster rank!
  6. Attention! Currently the tracker that runs by Crystal Math Labs has some issues with XP tracking! With some of you the XP that has been tracked when the competition started does NOT show the correct gained XP!! This however is not a big issue, the start XP you all have is right! however the gained XP is wrong, but i can track all of you individually after the Competition has ended and it will show the correct Gained XP! Sorry for the inconvenience
  7. Competition has started! May the spirit of Indiana Jones guide you trough this Competition!!
  8. Quote taken directly from www.runescape.com
  9. Competition starts tomorrow 12:00 Game Time! There is still time to Sign-Up ! For everyone else on the list, get your mattocks ready, chronotes polished, gather those artefacts and clean up your workbenches!
  10. Congratulations on getting Pet!
  11. Quote taken directly from www.runescape.com
  12. Finally got 120 Dungeoneering Today! Now focus on 120 Archaeology.
  13. Quote taken directly from www.runescape.com
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