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  1. Just got my 15th 99 which means I can now retune the second skill portal in Priff. I am now a hunting genius
  2. senug

    99 no. 14

    Thanks double xp is really helping with the 99s ran out of protean hides when I had like 120k xp left so used citadel for the rest. Started off with 5k protean hides and 95 crafting
  3. I have got another 99 in the form of Crafting. 1 more 99 then I can retune the second skill portal in the max garden.
  4. Thanks guys. Just need 2 more 99s to retune the other skill portal in the max garden
  5. I have got my 13th 99, agility. I am very agile and fit now
  6. senug


    I’ve moved this topic here as it is a request for help rather then a guide As Toeby said it is completely random. I got my mining pet before 99. I think I was at 95 or something.
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